Beyond In-Person Presentations: Navigating Digital Literacy and Internet Safety Education with Live Interactive Virtual Presentations from The White Hatter”

November 21, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the shift towards live virtual presentations has become an increasingly popular option. However, not all live virtual presentations are created equal! As parents and educators, it’s crucial to adapt to new methodologies to ensure that students receive the best possible learning experience. However, embracing live virtual presentations has not been without its challenges, and criticism from others in the field of digital literacy and internet safety can sometimes be challenging when it comes to school “buy-in” of live virtual presentations as an option. In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of live virtual presentations, and offer guidance on how to navigate this dynamic educational opportunity for consideration by a school or parent group.

The onlife world has transformed the way we approach education, with virtual presentations becoming an increasingly standard practice in many classrooms. Parents and educators alike must recognize the value of incorporating technology into the learning process, as it opens new possibilities for engagement and collaboration, often at a fraction of the cost of a live in-person presentation. Live virtual presentations can provide a unique and interactive learning experience for students, fostering skills that are essential in today’s tech-driven onlife world.

The primary point of contention from some of our critics often lies in the comparison between live virtual presentations and their in-person presentations. Critics may argue that the virtual medium lacks the personal touch and immediacy of face-to-face interactions. While this perspective is valid to some extent, it’s essential to recognize the unique advantages that virtual presentations can bring to the table. (1)

Contrary to what many believe, what we do is not a Zoom or TEAM’sevent where the presenter sits behind a desk with a blurred-out background talking to a computer web cam, and we do not use a streaming app such as Stream Yards or Switcher. Our virtual presentations are live (not recorded) interactive productions that utilize two fully outfitted broadcasting sets, and six studio 4k cameras to create an attention capturing experience. Our virtual broadcasting studio is an actual 1200 square foot studio, and not a small home office that only utilizes a computer, webcam, ring light, and mic. (2) 

Although many prefer a face-to-face presentation, we can get very close with the production capabilities of the White Hatter Virtual Studio. In fact, we can incorporate attention grabbing digital special effects into our live virtual presentations that you just can’t accomplish with in-person school presentations. No one else in Canada does what we do, and the way we do it specific to live virtual broadcasting – NO ONE! We guarantee that if our live virtual presentations do not meet and exceed your expectations, we will refund you the cost of the program – no one else in our industry provides this guarantee! We have yet to have a PAC or school ask for a refund!

Feedback From Educators About Our Live In-Person Virtual Presentations:

Our unique live virtual production platform, which is based on the popular Twitch and YouTube platforms that youth enjoy, has been found to be more engaging for students compared to other platforms such as a Zoom, Teams, Stream Yard, or Switcher. Many Principals and educators have described it as “refreshing” and a high-quality interactive virtual production. Additionally, several teachers have reported that “virtual fatigue” was not an issue with our virtual platform. A high school principal stated, “It was the slickest online presentation I have ever seen, the students and staff loved it!” Another school administrator stated, “The virtual delivery of your program is nothing short of amazing, something that we have never experienced before, FANTASTIC job!”

Other Comments from Principals and Educators:

  • Several schools that have seen our dynamic “in-person” presentations have now also experienced our “live dynamic and interactive virtual presentations” and have stated that they and their students prefer the delivery of our message through the live virtual presentation format. The reason – it aligns with the digital landscape where youth and teens are today, and we leverage this fact by using our virtual platform to directly connect with students, which also enables them to engage with us digitally. These same schools have stated that they will continue with the live virtual presentations rather than the in-person presentations that we continue to offer as an option.

  • Teachers have commented that the smaller classroom size in virtual presentations allows students more freedom to ask questions anonymously without fear of judgement from their peers. Our virtual platform also provides curated anonymous and interactive student questions, which both students and teachers have found to be very beneficial. The level of student engagement during the Q&A section of the virtual presentation has been notably higher compared to our in-person school presentations. A high school teacher stated, “The number of questions was astounding, I think the anonymity really opens up the discussion“ for questions that we could not answer during the live virtual session, we do answer them in a free follow-up YouTube event that students can watch at their convenience. (3) 

  • Most teachers reported that the smaller cohort class size provided by the virtual presentation allowed for more in-depth discussions with their students after the event. Many teachers shared that conversations about the topics covered in the presentation continued well into the next class. This is further supported by the “teacher speaking notes” provided to all educators who are hosting one of our virtual events.

  • Both students and teachers expressed appreciation about the fact that we could not see any of the students or collect any kind of personal information about them. Privacy by design is an important foundation of our virtual delivery platform. We cannot screen capture faces, collect personal email addresses of students or teachers, and our platform cannot be “Bombed” by others with inappropriate video or text.

  • Students who found themselves at home because of illness liked the fact that they could still participate in the presentation with their class, via the White Hatter Virtual Studio Platform, thus they still felt they were a part of their class even though they were at home sick.

  • Our virtual presentation offered a cost-effective solution for delivering our multi-award-winning social media safety and digital literacy programs to schools and parent groups. Given the financial constraints faced by many schools and parent-teacher associations, principals and PAC presidents have praised the reasonable cost of our virtual programs (usually between $450-$650 per program). For example, one school found that the cost of delivering three presentations live virtually was significantly less than the cost of one in-person event, due to the elimination of expenses such as travel time, lodging, meals, and transportation.

  • Both educators and students, particularly at the elementary school level, have expressed a preference for participating in virtual presentations from the comfort of their classroom desks, rather than sitting on the hard floor or bleachers of a gym during assembly presentations. The comfort of the classroom setting has been identified by educators as a significant factor in maintaining student focus and engagement during our virtual presentations.

  • Principals have reported increased attendance and participation by parents and caregivers in our live virtual parent presentations compared to in-person events held at their schools. Additionally, the availability of a recording of the live virtual event has ensured that parents who were unable to attend the scheduled event can still access the information at their convenience at a later date.

Here’s a short info video on what you can expect with our live virtual presentations:

It’s clear that live virtual presentations offer a dynamic and innovative approach to education. While criticisms may arise, particularly from those more accustomed to traditional in-person presentations, it’s essential to highlight the unique advantages of live virtual presentations. Our commitment to delivering a unique top-tier live virtual experience through the White Hatter virtual Studio, with its sophisticated production capabilities, has garnered positive feedback from parents, educators, students, and administrators alike.

The testimonials from educators emphasize the unparalleled engagement fostered by our live virtual presentations, surpassing the limitations of other commonly used platforms. The smaller classroom size allows for more personalized interactions, and the anonymous question feature promotes an open dialogue that transcends traditional barriers. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness and convenience of virtual presentations make them an attractive option, especially given the current financial constraints faced by many schools and parent groups – as the old saying goes, our live virtual presentation offer a “better bang for the buck!”

Our dedication to privacy by design ensures a secure environment for students and educators, addressing concerns about the collection of personal information or potential disruptions. Furthermore, the adaptability of our virtual platform accommodates students’ needs, enabling those who are absent due to illness to remain connected to their classmates.

As we continue to receive overwhelmingly positive responses from educators, students, and parents, it’s evident that the live virtual classroom setting, particularly when facilitated through the White Hatter Virtual Studio, offers a compelling alternative to traditional in-person presentations that is extremely cost effective. The ongoing preference expressed by schools for live virtual presentations underscores their alignment with the digital landscape, providing a seamless and engaging learning experience for today’s youth.

Considering these successes, we extend an invitation to schools and parent groups to consider the myriad benefits of live virtual presentations that we can offer here at the White Hatter. The future of education is dynamic, and by embracing innovative approaches, we can collectively create an environment that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders involved that is extremely cost effective. Together, let’s continue to explore the limitless possibilities that our live virtual presentations can offer to schools across Canada and North America.

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