Selecting the Right Digital Literacy and Internet  Safety Presenter for Students: Some Thoughts and Considerations:

October 29, 2023

In today’s onlife world, ensuring the safety, security, privacy, and responsible use of social media platforms among students is essential. Schools are increasingly turning to external social media safety presenters to educate students about the benefits, risks, and the best practices for a safer online experience. However, not all presenters, and their presentations, are created equal!

Selecting the right social media safety presenter is crucial to effectively engage and educate students on these vital topics. Presentations are not just about presenting facts – it requires a charismatic approach to engage students, sparking innovative thoughts to create critical thinking when they are using technology.

With over 30 years of experience in presentations and observing numerous other presenters internationally, we’ve identified ten essential presenter attributes for your consideration. These attributes aim to assist schools, educators, and parents in selecting the most suitable presenter for you and your school.

What Is Their Expertise and Experience? Look for presenters with a background in technology, education, and training in public speaking. Check their credentials, previous speaking engagements, written work, and expertise in the subject matter. Do they possess recognized post-secondary education in technology, social media, online privacy, online security, or online investigations? Do they possess a curriculum vitae that they are willing to share. Do they have a social media page? Do their social media profiles look legitimate, appropriate, and professional? Are they actively engaged on social media? Do their public values match the values of your school?

What Is Their Presentation Style? The presenter should have a captivating and relatable speaking style. The ability to connect with students is crucial. Interactive and immersive presentations, real-life examples, and engaging storytelling techniques can keep students attentive and interested. Do they have free online video resources where you can learn about their presentation style prior to hiring their services?

Do They Share Relevant Content? Ensure the presenter’s content is current, aligns with the needs and concerns of your students, and is based on good evidence based academic research, not just anecdotal experiential talking points. Do they present in an enlightening and not frighten way? More importantly, do they cite their sources, rather than just saying “research suggests”?

Can They Take A Tailored Approach? Look for presenters willing to customize their presentations to the specific age group and maturity level of your students. A one-size-fits-all approach might not be effective. Content should be age-appropriate, relatable, and tailored to resonate with the audience.

Credibility and Reviews: Check for references or reviews from other schools or institutions that have previously engaged the presenter. Feedback from educators and students can provide insight into the effectiveness and impact of the presenter’s sessions. Are they willing to mention and credit others in their field, including those who would be considered competitors? Some other presenters that we recommend that check all the boxes of this article include Wayne Denner, Dianna Graber, Alan Mackenzie, Jocelyn Brewer, Richard Guerry, Devorah Heitner, and Chris Vollum to name a few.

Do They Offer Interactive and Practical Workshops: Consider presenters who offer immersive, interactive, and attention-grabbing workshops or practical sessions both online and offline. Do they also integrate a differing modality to learning approach to their content delivery?

Do They Have the Technological Competence? Given the subject matter, the presenter should be well-versed in the latest social media platforms, trends, and online safety tools. This ensures they can provide updated and relevant information. They need to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Do They Offer Pre and Post-Presentation Resources? Inquire about any additional resources or materials provided both before and post-presentation. This might include handouts, online guides, or access to a platform where students can ask follow-up questions. Do they offer their resources for free or are they kept behind a paywall? Stay away from those who are just a show-and-go type of presenter who does not offer a “wraparound” delivery approach of their programs and services.

What Are Their Costs? Understand the presenter’s fees and any additional costs for travel, accommodation, or materials. Ensure their schedule aligns with yours and clarify logistics such as equipment needs and presentation duration. Can they offer presentation options that have cost flexibility? Do they require – a deposit, all fees upfront, or are they willing to invoice after the presentation has been completed? Do they offer a money back guarantee if their presentation does not meet the needs of your school?

Do They Possess Credible Recognitions and Awards? Has the presenter received recognitions and awards for their work from external professional bodies, other organizations, and other peers in their field?

In today’s onlife world, the responsible use of social media platforms by students cannot be overstated. As schools increasingly turn to external social media safety presenters, the selection process becomes extremely important. Choosing the right presenter involves a meticulous evaluation of expertise, presentation style, content relevance, customization abilities, credibility, technological proficiency, post-presentation resources, cost considerations, and industry recognitions. 

The aim of a presenter is not solely to disseminate information, but to engage and provoke critical thinking in students regarding their use of technology. Effective presenters bridge the gap between information and engagement, fostering a culture of responsible digital literacy. 

Careful deliberation and thorough research are essential in the process of choosing the right social media safety presenter for students. Schools can effectively empower their students to navigate the onlife world more safely, securely, and responsibly by identifying a presenter who possesses knowledge, engaging presentation skills, and the ability to connect with the students on a relatable level. We believe that the White Hatter presenters and programs meet and exceed these 10 attributes!

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