The New Use Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Commit Crime

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed our daily lives, enhancing efficiency and can streamline numerous tasks. AI has also disrupted traditional educational teaching methods (1). Nonetheless, as with any technological innovation, AI can be weaponized for criminal purposes, and its use in senior fraud scams (2)and kidnapping scams (3) is an alarming trend that we all need […]

Package Delivery Safety Guide

Package Delivery Safety Guide Image

Doorbell cameras are great, and do have a deterring factor, but as we have seen in countless youtube videos, even when thieves are aware of a camera, what are the chances of being caught? Unfortunately, the reality is the majority of those previous 26 million Americans that had holiday packages stolen would not catch the thieves.

Online Shopping Safety Guide

Online shopping, is super easy and convenient but does have an increased risk of scams, hacks, and fraud. Here are some simple tips and strategies you can deploy to greatly decrease the likelihood of having issues.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Scams and Safety

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) & The Lure Of Easy Money A Concerning New Financial Frontier That Teens Are Experimenting With Over the past several months we have received several messages from teens, and have fielded questions from students in our live virtual school presentations, asking us about our thoughts on the safety and security of Non-Fungible […]

Online Dating

TEACHING OLDER TEENS HOW TO BE THEIR OWN ONLINE DETECTIVE Many of us are aware of the term “catfishing” which was inspired by a 2010 documentary called “Catfish”. Catfishing is when a person sets up a fabricated online identity, or an entire social circle, to trick people into an emotional/romantic relationship for financial gain, to […]


Sextortion Typology It is so important that youth and teens, no matter what their sexual orientation or gender identity, and their parents become more aware of the pretexts, tactics, and strategies being used specific to the clear and present threat of online sextortion. As Sun Tzu, a wise and ancient Chinese warrior once stated, “If […]

Intimate Images, Nudes, Sexting, Deepfakes, and Sugaring

Far too often, the language and research surrounding sexting can be very confusing to parents and youth. The list of definitions below is how we classify and use terminology specific to this chapter. We believe these are the most accurate and clear definitions of these commonly used terms. Sexting Sexual communication of any kind between […]

Online Sexual Predation and Exploitation

We believe that it is important to once again emphasize that the vast majority of pre-teens and teens are doing super uber cool things online, and we adults need to start acknowledging this fact. Although the internet gives us the power to connect with people around the world, it also allows for private and immediate access […]

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