Cyberbullying & Digital Peer Aggression

Update: 2022-01-19 It was hypothesized by some that during COVID, bullying, and more importantly cyberbullying” would increase dramatically given that youth were moving to online learning.  Well, we are now starting to see some good evidence-based research (both here in Canada and the USA) that shows that there was in fact a decrease in face-to-face […]

No! It Rude to Ask for A Nude: A Digital Tool for Teens to Fight Back

If there is one message we have heard loud and clear, it’s that the vast majority of teens are sick and tired of the number of requests they receive daily, mostly from peers, to send a nude. Just recently, a teen stated to us, “If we send a nude, we are labeled a slut by […]

Intimate Image Deletion Notice for Schools

In some cases, the exchange of intimate images between students is not criminally prosecuted. However, there are times were students need help and guidance from an adult such as a school counsellor, teacher, principal, or parent to have an intimate image deleted that they had consensually sent to another student. This document clearly outlines our […]

Sexting and Distribution of Intimate (Nude) Images

We also know that sexts don’t always stay public and are sometimes shown and shared on school property. Not only does this document bring to light the most current legal case law specific to this issue that every teacher should know, but we also provide administrators and teachers with a road map as to what […]

Problematic Behaviour Letter

As school administrators, there are those rare occasions where you may have to advise a parent of a student’s problematic digital behaviour while at school or on school property. Although speaking directly to a parent is the most desirable course of action to take, it may also be important to follow-up with a written document […]