Online Pornography And Hypersexualization

To set the stage for this chapter here’s a recent interview we did with Maree Crabbe, a subject matter expert, on the emotional, psychological, physical, and social concerns surrounding online pornography and the hypersexualization of youth. The explicit pornography of today, and its easy access, is not the pornography that we grew up with as […]

Onlife Roadmap For Parents

Now that you have reached the end of this web book, we wanted to provide parents with some of our thoughts that encapsulate most of the information that we have shared with you. Let’s call it, “An Onlife Road Map For Parents”. Be your child’s best parent and not their best friend when it comes to […]

Student Internet, Social Media, and Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

The first step when implementing strategies around technology is to refer to policy. Having an effective acceptable use agreement for students applies to the use of a personally-owned device such as a smartphone, computer, or a school-issued computer or mobile digital device while on school property. This also includes using a school’s internet connection, Wi-Fi, […]

Online and Remote Learning Guide

Administrators, Teachers, Students & Parents Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the White Hatter has been producing and publishing articles and tutorials to provide school districts, administrators, teachers, students and parents with reputable resources to help the whole school community transition to online remote learning. Many of our resources have been published on different platforms, which can […]

Recommend Book List

Books we read and recommend from authors we respect. creen Captured: Helping Families Explore the Digital World in the Age of Manipulation Buy Book CAN Buy Book US Screen Captured: Helping Families Explore the Digital World in the Age of Manipulation Buy Book CAN Buy Book US Moral Combat: Why the War on Violent Video […]

Monitoring and Filtering Tools

Learn about what products we recommend Circle A great product for within a household. Connect Any wireless device to this network router and control some content filters and set time limits for internet access. Purchase Circle Bark (USA Only) Perfect solution in providing protection and maintain privacy. Uses AI to monitor and provides notifications for […]

I do not Consent

I do not Consent Downloadable image response tool to unsolicited pictures of genitalia Download Image

“No! It’s Rude To Ask For A Nude”

Download a high-resolution warning picture, so it can be sent in a return message to a person who asked for a nude. Download Image