Sextortion Typology It is so important that youth and teens, no matter what their sexual orientation or gender identity, and their parents become more aware of the pretexts, tactics, and strategies being used specific to the clear and present threat of online sextortion. As Sun Tzu, a wise and ancient Chinese warrior once stated, “If […]

Intimate Images, Nudes, Sexting, Deepfakes, and Sugaring

Far too often, the language and research surrounding sexting can be very confusing to parents and youth. The list of definitions below is how we classify and use terminology specific to this chapter. We believe these are the most accurate and clear definitions of these commonly used terms. Sexting Sexual communication of any kind between […]

Online Sexual Predation and Exploitation

We believe that it is important to once again emphasize that the vast majority of pre-teens and teens are doing super uber cool things online, and we adults need to start acknowledging this fact. Although the internet gives us the power to connect with people around the world, it also allows for private and immediate access […]

Social Comparison and Body Image

Having presented to over 560,000 pre-teens and teens from across Canada and the United States, there is no doubt that media, in all its forms, is having a significant emotional, psychological, physical, and social impact on some of our kids when it comes to body image and social comparison. In fact, in September 2021 the […]

Teen Digital Relationship Abuse

Teen Digital Relationship Abuse: Relationship abuse, often called domestic abuse, is nothing new to teens or adults, it has been around since humans have interacted in partnerships/intimate relationships.  However, what is new – how technology is being used by a partner to emotionally, psychologically, physically, socially, sexually, and financially control another person.  This is a […]

Cyberbullying & Digital Peer Aggression

Update: 2022-01-19 It was hypothesized by some that during COVID, bullying, and more importantly cyberbullying” would increase dramatically given that youth were moving to online learning.  Well, we are now starting to see some good evidence-based research (both here in Canada and the USA) that shows that there was in fact a decrease in face-to-face […]


Is My Child Ready For A Cellphone? As social media safety experts, advocates, and coaches who present to thousands of parents throughout Canada and the United States, one question we are usually confronted with is, “What age do you think a child should be gifted a cell phone.”, this is especially true during the Christmas […]

Online Gaming

To set the stage for this chapter, here’s a recent interview we did with Dr. Rachel Kowert, a Canadian subject matter expert, on the emotional, psychological, physical, and social  concerns and benefits surrounding online gaming: Before we start to drill down on this topic, it is important that we look at some stats and facts […]

Dopamine – Facts vs. Fear

The Dopamine Connection – Facts vs Fear We do believe that online problematic behaviour is emotionally, psychologically, physically, and socially multifactorial in its cause and effects.  However, we do take issue with the narrative that some promote about the “addicitve” effects of dopamine when it comes to online gaming and social media, which is just […]

Creating an Online Balance With Your Kids

Caveat: As mentioned earlier in this web book, the term “onlife world” was coined by Professor Luciano Floridi.  Although many parents see a difference between the online and the offline world, today, youth see it as one world, or what Professor Luciano Floridi has coined the “onlife” world. Remember, not every day needs to be a […]