Dear Whitehatter Team,

We have never had a workshop with as much immediate positive feedback from students, parents/caregivers and staff as the Digital Literacy and Internet Safety Workshop. We are already evaluating how we use technology at Claro and how to incorporate your ideas. Best of all, conversations have been sparked and we look forward to many “digital dinners” in our future.

With tremendous respect and gratitude. Keep up the awesome work Beth, Brandon and Darrin.



The white hatter presented at my school and it was by far the most diverse presentation I have attended. We were taught about dangers behind social medias in a different way, but more importantly we were shown how to protect ourselves online. During the presentation we took out our phones and we were shown the proper privacy settings we should be using. This team ensures to focus on their age group- my school was even split into age groups to ensure everyone gets the most out of the presentation. The white hatter makes a personal connection with everyone in the audience and is well worth the money!!


High School Student

I have seen your presentation on cyber safety a whopping four times and its message has ingrained itself into my brain with super glue. I cover my webcam with tape, avoid Omegle like the plague, and have sniffed out and thwarted many a catfish from my unsuspecting friends’ contacts. Your message has stayed with me and has prevented me and my friends from making mistakes online that we could regret forever. The impact of your presentation has given me hope that it is possible to make people stop and think in a world that is fuelled by impulse. You found a way to get your message to stick in the brains of stubborn teenagers, and as a result, you have saved lives and helped many of us stay safe and aware. 

Grade 12 Student

We thought the presentation was great! Very heartfelt and honest, used a lot of facts so it wasn’t just a scare tactic, held our attention for 2 hours (impressive!), and was very helpful. Thank you for making yourself so approachable and treating us like young adults, not many teachers or adults are willing to see us that way and it was refreshing.

Gr 10 Student

I’m from Revelstoke secondary school and I heard you speak this afternoon and it was amazing. this is my second time hearing you speak, and it blows me away everytime I here you speak. you are making a huge impact on all the people around you and it’s just simply amazing how you do it. You are so passionate about what you talk about it is amazing. thank you for coming to Revelstoke for a second time. I hope to hear you speak again. you made a huge impact on everyone you spoke to.

Grade 9 Student

My friends and I where pleasantly surprised with your presentation. We thought (before the presentation) that it would be another one of those internet shaming/hating presentations we had before. It definitely wasn’t one of those. It was informative and relatable to us, and you gave us insight on stuff we heard before, but didn’t pay attention to b/c we were just told that the internet was bad (which it can be if you aren’t safe on it). We also enjoyed how you compared previous presentations on the topic to abstinence only sex-ed and how it doesn’t work You gave us the tools to be safe without telling us to just stay away from the internet. Great presentation and I hope you come back next year for the next generation of Dover Bay !!!

Grade 12 Student

I really believe that your Social Media Safety presentation made a huge impact in our lives. I don’t think I have ever heard such an interesting and powerful presentation. Your speech was something that no one could stop talking about after it was over. It was truly so inspiring, and it really made me realize that everything you said was a big part of our lives. Thank you so much for everything! we all really appreciated your presentation. Also, thanks for the links

Grade 11 Student

Hello! My name is Katrina and I attended your presentation this afternoon. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed it! To be honest before the presentation I thought it was going to be another lecture on how “the internet was bad” and “how we’re all doing horrible things” coming from someone who was old fashioned or uneducated about the whole matter. But i was very pleased to find that not only did you understand and know what you where talking about but you spoke with such truth and passion that anyone could be interested and quite enjoy it! I loved the presentation and thank you again for speaking to us today! Im sorry if this seems long winded or odd. I just think you’re an amazing person and the world could use so so many more awesome people like you.

Gr 11 Student, Alberta

Hi…… thanks so so much for coming to my school LTSS today. I honestly learned so much that I didn’t know before and by far this was the most important, useful, and entertaining presentation I’ve ever had in school. You made me have a new outlook on not only how I treat others, but also seeing how others treat others as well online. What I mean is stepping up and defending my peers when I see something going on. Just a couple minutes ago I was doing that same thing on

Gr 12 Student

Thank you! And my friends and I loved how it was easy to connect to the presentation because you understand how teens react and act online. Just knowing how much the internet impacts our futures and the online profiles of ourselves really made us want to stay as safe and private online as we can be. Thank you for helping us and showing us how to protect ourselves online. You have a really amazing presentation and it’s wonderful what you are doing for all of us. Thank you for coming to our school and thank you for an amazing presentation!

Gr 10 Studen

Thank you so much! Your presentation was definitely an eye opener and I thank you so much for it, I was honestly expecting someone to just come in and tell us that social media was bad. But I loved how you were so honest and truthful, me and my friends all talked about it after and we all agreed that the presentation was by far the best we’ve ever seen or heard on social media safety.

Gr 12 Student

Btw I really loved that presentation it was better than anything I’ve ever seen. No one has been that open about Soical Media safety, cyberbullying and suicide caused by it so I really appreciate that. I almost didn’t come to school today but my boyfriend saw you present at pgss and told me I needed to see it, so I came today. And I’m glad I did. I really hope you keep going with your campaign cause it’s going to save more than just 100 lives. Thanks for doing what you do

Grade 11 Student

Not your typical internet safety presentation…it was informative, entertaining, and revealing without being boring or ‘demonizing’ the internet. And you actually showed us how to FIX the problems!! All in all inspiring and just wonderful. Thanks!!

Grade 11 Student

I absolutely loved your presentation today, it had a gigantic impact on me, and for once, we were talked to like young adults, and not kindergarten students. Thank you so much for coming to our schoo

Grade 10 student

From the talk around the school after, your presentation was amazing. and to have some people in the audience who can relate or they know how it feels, and you giving the message that they aren’t alone and that it will get better, is so reassuring for them. it was an amazing message and I think it opened a lot of people’s eyes to what really goes on, on the internet. thanks again, I definitely think our school will be a better place after that presentation.

Gr 11 Student

Thanks sooo much for the tips. We were expecting a boring lecture on ‘how the internet is bad. Instead, I think everyone was engaged personally. We connected with you, on your level. Even the ‘rowdy’ students gave most of their attention. WE LOVED IT! Now, all the students are posting status’ based on your presentation. AWESOME JOB! WELL DONE! What really gave me insight was the fact that pictures/posts/etc cannot be deleted. My dad worked in China for a long time, and he met some incredible computer ‘geeks’. Your information is exactly what they were trying to get to modern society 20 years ago. Your information was accurate. And THANKS SO MUCH MR. WHITE HATTER!

Grade 10 Student

Honestly your presentation was amazing! I went into it thinking it was just going to be some person giving a lecture on social media safety and that was it. But it was so much better then that! Everyone was so focused and I feel like you didn’t just stand up there and tell us what we heard a million times but actually spoke to us in a way that we would understand and could relate too!!!! All my friends loved it so much and found it very touching! It’s people like you that will come to our school and actually show us that we don’t have to be afraid and that yes it is an unsafe world but it is really realistic! And that if we need help we don’t have to be scared or frighten to talk to someone! 

Grade 11 Student

Hi Darren:Hey, I’m a Sardis Secondary student and I just wanted to say how incredibly amazing you were today. Like we’ve all heard our share of internet safety talks, but I have the attention span of a fly, and you kept me captivated for two hours. I know I myself have been subject to some pretty harsh internet bullying but nothing is more true than “it gets better”, so thank you so much for coming to my school today. Not only were you one of the most relatable adults but you opened my eyes so much. So thank you 

Grade 10 Student

I’m from Selkirk secondary school. I just want to say that your presentation was unbelievable! It really was…. It was very inspirational. When I first heard about this two hour presentation I was like nooooooo please no! Sorry but that’s what I felt like, but when you started talking I was like “WOW” this could be good… And it was VERY GOOD… I just want to thank you for the message you gave all of us. Keep spreading your knowledge about this issue… Thanks agian.

Grade 12 student

Thank you so much for your work and commitment. This is so important for citizens of the 21st century, citizens of social networking. It is heartwarming to know that someone in the world cares about youth and their safety and actually speaks out and encourages and educates us. I myself now feel refreshed and well educated on the topics you covered even though I thought I had heard these warnings too many times and didn’t need to learn anymore. I aim to be more responsible and careful in my actions, not just in my social media profiles but in how I act and treat others in person. Your powerful presentation knocked the breath out of me and I heard someone else describe it to have “punched them right in the heart”. You’re saving thousands of people who are struggling today and those who are yet to come in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and your team and to the “popos”. You guys are amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re changing the world for the better. 

Grade 11 student

I was so absolutely moved by the presentation yesterday, it was awesome, honestly, I loved it, you connected well, you got emotional with everyone else, most guys who come in to do this sort of thing stay stone faced and you didn’t, it made it just so much more real, i’m sure several people who were in the gym are changing their ways, and many are probably feeling safer on-line now! I have always worried about some of my friends, but I didn’t know that I would be able to call upon help from people like you, it made ME realize that there are people who can do stuff I never could to help, and so I am so glad you came in! I honestly cried, and I NEVER cry, you are changing lives for the better because of your presentation. THANK YOU !!!!!

Grade 9 Student

Truthfully i havent spoke to my friends about it just yet but i know everything about your presentation will be BOMBING through out the school tomorrow. If im speaking about what i liked about the presentation, was that it was very real. Nothing was being hidden and you gave a presentation that no one has ever done. New info, a different look at suicide coming from the real expert. I liked that you showed videos and images and kept the student body interacted and alive. NORMALLY we would be slumped half way in our seats half asleep and probably drool slipping off the corner of our mouths (LOOOOL). But today , that was completely not the case. I loved that you used language in a way us students like but kept it professional, most of the times many presenters will come in with very formal boring language, its really all about the image and the way you give away your information. The way you did it with keeping everyone awake was perfect, you didnt just read 500 pages of blank information like most people would do. You put your own character and life experiences in it. Showed us the real deal, what people are actually going through and what many people in my school have gone through, bullying, cyberbullying, being attacked emotionally and by others.

Grade 10 student

I’m not really good at putting things into words, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to express to you how much your presentation really resonated with me. It was absolutely eye opening. Usually when a speaker comes to our school, we sit and we listen and we clap, but that’s it. We respect them, and we think about what they say for a while, but most of the time it doesn’t really stick with us. But you get it. Absolutely, you get, and you make us want to listen and do something about all the shit that is going down.  Your Internet safety presentation was amazing !!!!

Grade 11 Student

I’m XXXX XXXXX, a Senior at XXXX High School. I sat front row at your presentation on Wednesday, and all i’ve got to say is THANK YOU. Our high school might seem well put together, full of mature kids. Some of that is true, but i know a lot of GIRLS who are just MEAN people. I’m our schools FFA president, i play volleyball, I’m in my class’s ASB, and i’ve been nominated for homecoming every year, this year i finally won queen! I know what you’re probably thinking, most people would think “Ms. Popular” and think I have a TON of friends, and am ALWAYS doing stuff on the weekends. Completely WRONG. To be honest i only have a few close friends that i like to hang out with. I lost a lot of friends this year, and i’ll tell you why. A lot of my senior guy friends started hanging around with the sophomore girls. Which is completely understandable. They’re cute, fun, and outgoing girls! But a lot of my senior friends (Girls) weren’t going to have it. They started sending out mean texts, posting pictures on facebook and instagram making fun of them. It got so bad that the sophomore girls came to me because they didn’t know what to do. I talked to my senior friends, and stuck up for the sophomores. Well a majority of my senior friends don’t talk to me anymore because of it. Pretty soon those hateful messages were stopped being sent to those sophomore girls, and they started getting directed toward me. But honestly, i’d rather have them hate on me, I can take it, I have strong roots and broad shoulders. BUT anyways! Thanks to YOUR message and YOUR presentation a lot of my friends have apologized to both me AND the sophomore girls, which i am SO thankful for. So all i want to say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making the mean things stop.

Grade 12 Student

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that much positive feedback on a presentation. It was all anybody really talked about for the rest of the day. Even my math teacher who was far from Internet savvy took stuff from it (including the word “troll” that he doesn’t understand in the slightest) thank you for that advice, I had a blog back two years ago I used to post all my thoughts on. And while I didn’t write anything bad its just best to be forgotten. I love what you’re doing, it’s like you’re some kind of Internet safety super-hero. I definitely took a lot from your presentation, I hope we can hear from you again sometime!

Grade 10 student

We really loved it! To be completely honest I was dreading it at first, 2 hours of sitting listening to some guy talk about stuff I probably already knew. But hearing you speak you really demanded the attention of the student body, and that is not an easy task for such a long period of time. Your passion is admirable and i hope too some day love my job as much as you do. Also the information was intriguing and relatable not something I was expecting. Really well done! Ill be thinking of your presentation when ever on social networks.Thanks so much! 

Grade 12 Student

Thank you so much and I was talking to some friends after your presentation, and it seemed everyone loved it! I have to admit, at the beginning i was thinking “oh man, another boring presentation….” considering most that we see are actually really boring! But right when you first started speaking to us, the whole school was laughing! We had lots of that actually, which encourages us teens to listen! Then there were parts where you realized the damage that can be caused by typing on a stupid keyboard!! I truly believe that everyone enjoyed your presentation, and i hope that you get a chance to visit other schools nearby! I think all teens should get the opportunity to learn not only the damage from cyberbullying, but also how to protect themselves from it, and other risks while being on the internet. Thank you again, it was great hearing you speak today!

Grade 11 Student

Hi Darren, today you did the presentation at my school, Edward Milne. I just wanted to let you know that that presentation actually had a huge impact on me and i know ALOT of the other students who were there. Usually those presentations are boring and don’t relate to us at all, but yours did, made us understand, and actually care about whats happening out there.

Grade 8 student


I thought I’d take a moment to let you know that our staff, students and parent community have been buzzing about your presentation. The information you provided and the manner in which it was presented captivated our staff and students.  Your upfront approach to addressing the issues so commonly dismissed by youth definitely reached our students.Thank you for bring your presentation to our school and keep up the good work that you are doing – our kids need it!

Paula Gosal, Principal

AD Rundle Middle School

As a Vice Principal of a middle school today, Darren’s presentation not only opened my eyes but it allowed me to feel like I am doing my part to educate and protect my students during these exciting but often scary times. To observe our entire student population glued for Darren for two full hours in the afternoon was one thing, but to have one quarter of our school connect with him outside of school on Facebook to have him confirm their privacy settings speaks volumes! In addition we have had a steady flow of parents through our doors and on email this morning espousing some of the “best dinner table conversation” they’ve had in years with their kids.Thanks for supporting us to keep our kids safe!  

Nadine Naughton

Vice Principal of Gordon Head Middle School

You guys were AMAZING !!!!.  Thank You.

Dr. Christine Perkins

Principal, Howe Sound Secondary School

Thank you so much!  The other teachers and I have been talking about how excellent you were. My students came to class after buzzing about how they had so much work to do locking things down tonight. You really made an impact. I myself can’t stop thinking about it! I thought that I was pretty careful, but thanks to you I have so much more to think about now. Scary stuff. Really appreciate what you do. I have heard other outside presentations on Internet safety that were much shorter ones and consisted mostly of showing videos. They were also good, but not anywhere near as informative and impactful as yours. I have already recommended you to a teacher friend of mine for her school. I wish you could go everywhere and talk to everyone!! Thanks again for everything! PS: Today the kids were still talking about how good you were… and the consensus among teachers was that it was the best and most relevant presentation we’ve seen  Keep spreading your message, the kids and us teachers need it! Take care

High School Teacher

Surrey School District

I cannot thank you enough for coming to present at our school today (Parkland) especially with such short notice. I hoped to come shake your hand and thank you personally but there were so many students wanting to I had to get back to class. You’re presentation really struck a chord with so many in that gym today and, even within 10 minutes after returning to class, the conversations between the students were amazing. Thank you for the work you do and the passion you have. So important in today’s world. So thankful we got to witness your presentation today. PS….as a mom I was thoroughly engaged as well and learned so much about the huge world my kids wade through every day.


Middle School Teacher & Parent

Invaluable information – every school in every district should pay you to present. It’s been my privilege to see you twice present to students of mine and once to us teachers at a pro d. You helped me lock down my profile. Keep doing what you are doing and let the pretenders carry on copying! They will never equal.


High School Teacher

Best presentation in 18 years of teaching, twice! Every student and parent should be required to attend.

Christy Bevington

High School Teacher

I would just like to say that your presentation at Dr. Knox Middle School in Kelowna the other day for the students was the best presentation I have ever seen in schools. I have worked for the School District for 25 years and have seen many! As a victim of bullying all my life growing up, it really hit home. What so many people (adults) do not understand is that when I was a child/teen, bullying usually stopped at the school or mall or park, when you went or got home. That was usually your “safe place.” Today, there is no safe place! There is no getting away from it. It is 24/7. My daughter unfortunately lost a very close friend about a year and a half ago to suicide. He was a hockey player with a huge career ahead of him. He played for several WHL, BCJHL teams. He was bullied and pressured in many ways by his own teammates. This is rampant within the junior hockey environment! Especially with the senior players toward junior players. Ultimately, they believe that multiple concussions were the root cause of the suicide but I have to wonder if the bullying and pressures were a contributing factor. 18 is way to young to lose someone! Please, please, please keep up the fantastic work and save many more lives in the process. The world needs many more wonderful people like you and your wife, maybe if there were it would be a much better place to live! Thanks you so much for everything you do and for whet you will do in the future! All the very best to you and yours.

Randy Garrecht

Dr. Knox Middle Cell

Today sparked some amazing conversations with students, and for that I truly thank you. It’s inspiring to see someone who has the talent to capture an audience and be able to share such a wealth of knowledge about the real word. Delivering life changing information so effectively is an art form. You, sir, are an artist. Everyone is born with a gift. After hearing you speak today, I believe your gift is saving lives.

Middle School Teacher

Washigton State

I’m a teacher at NSMS, I’ve experienced your presentation 3 times and every time I learn something new. My class wasn’t sure how they were going to sit through 2 hours today, but they were so engaged and came to the classroom during their lunch to continue to chat about all the things they learned. I appreciate the shock value, language and content you use with the kids. 

Thank you for continuing to educate and inform on the importance of Internet and online safety.


North Saanich Middle School

Thank you!! The students really liked it and had such great feedback!! The other teachers all LOVED IT!! we learned so much! Everyone I had chatted to afterwards students and teachers appreciate your passion! I said earlier you speak from a place a passion not just knowledge, and it shows and is felt in every word! Thank you so much for doing what you do for the kids and in your everyday line of work! I love nothing more than meeting the people who are making impacts on this world!!

Amanda Yake-Kovitch (Educator)

“REAL” Project, South Central High School, Alberta

Wow! Our whole school was stunned by this amazing presentation. You are not only so knowledgeable Darren, you are so relatible and every one of my 8th graders said they got some really useful tips from you and were so impressed that you are not anti-internet like their parents but instead pro-safety on the Internet. As a Kopachuck parent and staff member, I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for kids across the globe. I hope you will be back to speak to our 3 high schools. Your message is the most important thing our kids can hear right now.


Kopachuck Middle School, Washington State

As a teacher at South Delta Secondary School I can say that your presentation was the most powerful presentation I have seen.  You were a fantastic presenter who was able to keep the students attention with the right amount of humour and seriousness.  The message was hear loud and clear. Well done !!!


South Delta Secondary School

I thought your presentation was a bold and necessary presentation. It was a breath of fresh air for someone to treat the children with the respect they deserve and talk about what is really happening. I too have known children who’ve cut themselves due to social media. And one who committed suicide. And for me personally, I was lucky enough to begin my journey in social media when I was already a teacher. So I had a rule from the beginning that if I wouldn’t say it or share in my classroom, I wouldn’t post it. It’s funny. My weekend was just spent repairing damage done to a friendship because I logged on to her computer and thought I had logged out and she read my private messages with another friend and was desperately hurt. And we are all in our 50’s. So the lessons go on . . . .

Teacher (28yrs experience)

La Venture Middle School (USA)

Thank you for the amazing presentation today at Vista. I have never seen a presenter with your skills & passion for an important purpose. Thank you. 


Vista Middle School (USA)

Thank you so much for bringing this much-needed presentation to our students at Parkland Middle School today. You are doing amazing work to help children and young adults to protect themselves on-line and to be aware of how their activities on the internet are all-too public. After your moving and inspiring presentation, the students in my class could not stop talking about what they had learned and experienced – I really think you are creating an important snowball effect of life-saving information that the students will not forget. Thank you again for your compassion, vision and drive.

Sincerely, Eve Subra

Teacher Parklands Middle School, Cranbrook BC

I just wanted to thank you for your presentation today at FHS. It was incredibly powerful. I was so impressed with three things. First, the presentation (ethos, pathos and logos, with emotional highs and lows – impressive). Second, you actually got the students to put away their cell phones (BRAVO!) and third, when you were serious, our students were silent and paying attention. 

I taught alternative high school for 10 years prior to FHS. I was always trying to send the message about social responsibility, that we are the eyes and ears of our community. You did a great job of getting the students to hear that message. When we returned to our classroom, my 9th graders and I had a debrief. They heard you loud and clear. Thank you for dedicating your career to saving the lives of our young people. It really does take a village.

Wendy Rice, Teacher

Ferndale High School

“one of the most powerful and impactful presentations I have heard in my teaching career”


Princess Margaret Secondary, School School District #67

Excellent presentation today at Anacortes High School! We are a better place because of your presence and presentation. Thanks Darren and Beth

Jon Ronngren

Principal Anacortes High School

This man is AMAZING! Any school who doesn’t hire him is making a complete mistake.

High School Teacher

Meridian High School

I was one of the teachers at your presentation in Ucluelet. I think it was the most useful and impactive presentation I’ve seen in seven years.

High School Teacher

Ucluelet Secondary School

Seriously the best Internet and Social Media Safety presentation I have seen in my 13-year teaching career. Hit home for myself and my students. Thank you! Please check my security settings. And thank you from a teacher from Princess Margaret Secondary. Everybody was raving about it. Spoke to 2 parents after and their kids had already told them about it as well. So much to think about and now to talk to my own young kids about as they start to surf the net on their own. Thank you for the links and thank you for what you do. You are changing lives.


Princess Margaret Secondaryy


Your team is the best! You have a unique way to reach the students but then you are sure to present similar info to parents. It has created valuable discussion at our dinner table. My children educated me more from your talks than any other presenter they have had on this invaluable content. Thank you! 


Parent, High schooler

My kids learned SO MUCH from your presentations in Washington. My brother is a high school teacher and also raved about how his students were impacted by hearing you. And lastly, when my daughter had a concern about whether she was being targeted and I wrote to you, I got a detailed and caring answer in a very short period of time. A++++ organization.


Parent, High Schooler

Today, I contacted the White Hatter as a concerned parent. I had received a message from a stranger that contained an account and explicit content using my daughter’s name, cell phone number and her face. They account in question did not belong to my daughter – it was a fake. There was another account as well, also explicit, using my daughter’s full name, city, age and image. I first contacted police, and, when I was unable to get many answers, I turned to the White Hatter. Darren replied to me within minutes of my message. He called me (long distance to Alberta), and asked me the important questions. He was so knowledgeable and professional and matter of fact that I was put immediately at ease, knowing I was in the caring hands of a professional. Within the next few hours, we had several phone conversations in which he advised me of my options, of questions I might ask my daughter, and with advice about helping the police understand the situation. He did all of this without any compensation whatsoever. He did not ask for anything, nor imply that his services should be paid for (they should be). Darren acted as our proxy and contacted the online forums concerned to have the accounts removed. He quoted their own guidelines to them in order to get the intended results as soon as possible. As an involved parent, I highly recommend this team for all your child protection needs. They also give seminars in schools. Darren, thank you so much again. I felt totally comfortable in your hands.



First, THANK YOU for presenting at Lynden Middle School yesterday. I have pushed Patrick to get you to LMS for 2 years now so I am very happy it worked out. My son who is in the 8th grade sat in the second row yesterday during your presentation. You moved him. You made him feel like he was not on an island. You made him see that he did nothing wrong. Two and a half years ago my son was groomed on KIK by someone. Thankfully I caught it but a lot of damage had been done already. You had no idea yesterday that when you pointed to the little Guatemalan boy in the second row and said something that you would be breaking down a wall that has been there for years. I cannot thank you enough. My husband and I heard you speak at Squalicum high school a couple years ago and again last night. We will never tire of hearing your presentation because it is ever changing. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for helping my son and in turn for helping our family. You are truly a hero. Be well.


Middle School

We just wanted to say that we are still getting fantastic feedback from our whole community about your presentation. Senior teachers are saying it is the best presentation they have ever seen. Parents are so happy because it has opened up communication with their kids. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. Hope to see you again!

Positively Parenting


I need to write and thank you for the lecture you gave at the Anacortes High School. My daughter came home and said “Mom, you need to go to see this guy tonight”. She has never ever requested that I go to anything school sanctioned. I wasn’t planning on going, because I thought I knew a good amount about what is going on out there in cyber space. Well, I found out I knew nothing.You opened up my eyes and ears. You gave my daughter a wake up call about why she needs to be careful of her every move on line. Yes, this subject has been brought up in our house many times, but you got to the meat of it all, no wishy washy, no beat around the bush. You put it straight and that is just how these kids today need it, including mine.You also gave me a gateway to talk about it in depth with my daughter which I wouldn’t have had otherwise.Thank you Darren. You really are saving kids from all kinds of evil that lurks out there. Please don’t stop doing what you are doing.


Mother, High School

Wow in the 14 years my kids have been involved in school, I have never heard so much positive feedback over a presentation!! Thank you sooo much. I appreciated it more than you will ever know. Some of the things that you told them I as a parent have told them before, but I can tell it went in one ear and straight out the other, but I can tell you for certain that your message went straight in one ear yesterday and will never come out the other ear.


Middle School, Alberta

My son, Ryan, is a grade 8 student at LTSS – he came home today “thru the moon” about your presentations today – he told me “mom you HAVE to go tonight – i cannot believe the stuff I learned – Darren is AMAZING! Well, I had already planned to attend but now there was NO way to cancel!! Well I can tell you both that I was not disappointed in the least – in fact, that was by far THE BEST presentation on social media I have ever attended. I have spent the last 2 yrs attending as many of the school presentations as possible and this one was by far, Hands Down, THE BEST ONE YET!! I cannot believe how much I learned – I cannot thank you both enough for delivering such important information for parents!!


Secondary School

I was at your presentation to the King’s parents tonight, and am so thankful I took time to attend. I loved that you shared information, trends, context, solutions, and created an opportunity to engage in dialog with our children. This format, educating both students and parents, is brilliant. When I got home tonight I was able to talk with the kids about how do we, as a team, engage in safe behaviors and communicate about what we are experiencing on social media, with our peers, and on-line. In fact, when I suggested that we should talk about parking our devices in the evening, they were on board and I think this is largely due to your time with them this morning. I hope you come back again, and again, and again. Thank you!

Mother of two teens

High School

The presentation you put on last night at Willow’s was phenomenal.  I want to tell you how much I appreciate that you are out in the world doing what you do.I hope that the words gets around that you are not only a source of valuable information, but an entertaining presenter. I have passed on your contact info and website and I hope that other parents will do the same.When we left last night my husband and I were discussing the importance of this information.  It would be a wonderful thing to make this a mandatory program for all parents to attend. There might not be a manual for parenting, but you have clearly created a culture for keeping children safe, and that is invaluable.Thank you from the bottom of my internet naïve heart!Kind Regards, 

Donna Rigollet, RN

Middle School

My 13yr old daughter came home and told me about the assembly. Thank you for helping me bring the importance of Internet safety home. I personally thought it was awesome that you had been messaging boys via FB who thought you were a girl. I have told my kids over and over, you don’t know who is on the other end. I just love that those same words were shown to be true in real life, with people they see and know. Makes it more real I think. She touched on the grief that you shared with them. She said she had to hold back the tears at one point. Being that she is on the autism spectrum empathy and appropriate emotional responses are sometimes a challenge, so hearing that really touched me. It’s nice when adults can support each other in safety when it comes to kids. My kids tell me to relax and roll their eyes at me when I launch into a repeat safely lecture. Better safe than sorry.

Mother 13yr old

The presentation for parents was unbelievable, so informative, helpful, eye opening, but what I loved most is that you didn’t just focus on the trouble that our children can get themselves into with social media you stressed that our kids are doing amazing and positive things as well! Not to mention, my daughter took so much away from the school assembly you presented at. Thank you to you and your wife!

Liz Stewart-Pelland

Middle School Teen

I attended the excellent presentation you did last week at David Thompson Senior Secondary in Invermere, and my son saw you that afternoon.  I want to thank you for the exceptional presentation and commend you for your outstanding contribution.  I also do speaking presentations and was quite disappointed in the audience reaction and appreciation after you finished, I had anticipated about a twenty minute standing ovation.  I want you to know that the whole town has been talking about it in the most positive and amazing way so you had a very large and positive impact even without the standing ovation!  And, as you are already aware, my son got a lot out of your information as well.

Humans are drawn to people who are passionate about what they are doing and we are very lucky to have received your message; timely, well delivered, from the heart and with extraordinary passion.  I will be passing on your info to families in other cities in the hopes that they will bring you to educate their school also.From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


High School

My son came home from Woodlands high school yesterday, he’s in grade nine, he was very excited to tell us about a guy (the White Hatter) who came to talk at the school, he told us he was pretty cool and if we didn’t have plans that night that we should go and listen to him talk at the school.  Our son is a quiet, amazing boy, for him to come home and share little bits all night about this talk and what is happening, that we can contact the guy and talk about this with such excitement and importance was really great,  that the computer is a good tool if we use it positively.  The stories went on like this into the evening.

I would like to thank you for coming to speak to our youth, for being real and honest so that our youth want to listen and see the passion that was being shared in the stories told. I can’t help but wonder when all the kids are so pumped about this, if we could have some program to keep them interested, apparently a lot of kids were talking about it after school and on the ferry home to Gabriola;))thanks again and enJoy  the day


High School

I wanted to thank you very much for your amazing parent presentation last night. I am one of the Myrtle Philip parents and my daughter was the one who made me go, and you have no idea how happy I am that I did. You made a huge impact on both my daughter and myself. I have never seen her so excited and moved by anything, your Internet and Social Media Safety program for schools had a huge impact. She said she felt empowered and so educated about the reality of what is going on. THANK YOU!!!!! I do hope my daughter sends you a message in asking for helping in securing her privacy on her facebook page. btw, no technology in the bedroom started last night, and without any arguments. Wishing you the best and am so grateful for all the work you do and lives you save!!!!!!!! 

Denise (Parent)

My wife, 13-year-old daughter and I attended your evening presentation at Burlington-Edison High School on Jan. 29 (we aren’t even a part of the Burlington school district) and I was amazed at how engaged my daughter was during your speech. I work in Information Technology and previously worked in Information System Security, but when I try to explain the dangers of the cyber world to my daughter, I get the glazed over eyes and the “yes dad” response. I am like you in the sense that I love social networking (and technology) and how it can be a great tool when used appropriately. Although our daughter doesn’t have a data plan on her smartphone, we allow her access to Wi-Fi. I have it locked down with parental controls (only email is allowed, all other access is locked) and we do not allow her to have the phone in her room at night. It is still a struggle every night to get her phone, but surprisingly after your presentation she brought it to us without us even asking last night. We also have not allowed her to set up a Facebook account yet, but were planning on doing it after her report card this coming semester. After listening to your presentation and seeing how well our daughter listened to you, we are more comfortable with the idea now. It is encouraging to see how receptive our daughter was to the things you presented. THANK YOU!!!  I have already promoted you to friends at work who are pretty active in their kids’ schools. You are an outstanding speaker and I appreciate the work you and your family are doing. You mentioned that you do a different presentation for the kids. My wife and I would love to attend one those presentations.

Thank you,

Mike (Parent)

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