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Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the White Hatter has been producing and publishing articles and tutorials to provide school districts, administrators, teachers, students and parents with reputable resources to help the whole school community transition to online remote learning. Many of our resources have been published on different platforms, which can sometimes make them hard to find.  As a result, we have decided to publish this document as a one-stop resource for all our articles, and other important resources, that we believe will help to make this transition more manageable. We are not teachers, we are subject matter experts in the area of social media safety, digital literacy, online privacy and information technology integration. This document is about providing educators, students and parents with digital infrastructure strategies to make the online education experience safer, more secure and private, thus enhancing online remote learning.

Administrators and Teachers:

Video Conferencing Platform Tutorials for Educators:


ZOOM for Teachers Tutorial

Zoom Basics – Using Zoom for Classes and Meetings

School Administrator’s Guide to Rolling Out Zoom

Zoom-bombing: How to keep trolls out of your Zoom meetings

Microsoft Teams:

How to use Microsoft Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

How to stop Teams bombing

Google Classroom:

This is how I set up my Google Classroom for remote learning (5 tips)

Prevent Google Meet bombing

Teacher and student social media, technology and internet acceptable use agreement (Part 1):

Current Feedback (April 2020) from Students specific to how educators have been using video platforms. What is working and what is not from a student perspective:

Connecting With A Student/Parent via VOIP Calling:

It has been brought to our attention by several educators that they have been advised, from a safety standpoint, to use free Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Apps such as “TextPlus”, “Google Voice” or “WhatsApp Calling” to connect with students or parents, so as not to reveal one’s personal cellphone number that could be weaponized. Remember, that anything “free” comes with a price.  All three of these calling Apps monitor and data mine, via artificial intelligence, everything being said and are creating digital dossiers of all discussions. From a privacy and data protection perspective, it is our recommendation NOT to use any of these types of apps to communicate with students, or their parents, for any kind of personal/professional reasons. If you do need to connect with a student or their parent via phone, turn of the “hide my number” function on your device to conceal and protect your cellphone number:

Families, Parents and Students:

How to secure your home networks to make them safer and more secure for online remote learning from home:

Moving the classroom to the home, what parents can do to make the home environment more conducive to online remote learning:

How to make your devices safer:

Social Media Family Collective Agreement. This document clearly outlines expectations on the use of technology both inside and outside of the home.

The FREE White Hatter app for iPhones, iPads and Android phones that contains over 32 emergency resources, including mental wellness crisis lines, that teens can turn to in times of crisis 24/7

More than 150 free articles on social media safety, digital literacy and online privacy

So, your child wants to download an App, here’s an exercise they need to complete first before parental permission is given:

Filtering and monitoring hardware and software products recommended by the White Hatter Team for home and mobile use:

How to secure and update Facebook privacy settings:

How to secure and update Instagram privacy settings:

Our social media platforms that are continually updated with current online safety and digital literacy information for educators, parents and teens:

We hope you found this resource useful!

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