Digital Literacy and Internet Safety For Educators
Digital Literacy and Internet Safety and For Educators

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Mobile communications have now outnumbered both desktop and laptop computers as the number one way that our kids are connecting online. As the internet continues to grow in popularity, we are depending upon it at an increasing rate to conduct everyday life, which also includes the sharing of private and at times very sensitive information about ourselves with others online knowingly, and at times unknowingly. Many who are now online use the internet for communication, education, entertainment, research, business, socializing, and commerce. There is no doubt that the internet and social media have facilitated important positive connections and amazing accomplishments amongst students and educators.  It is a reality, however, that the internet (just like away from keyboard) has also created an online virtual environment where thieves, vandals, con artists, and in rare cases sexual predators, existing. Unfortunately, many educators who are using technology are not always taking the appropriate safety precautions to help mitigate the risks from those who might want to victimize our students, or even themselves, for online personal gain. It is also amazing to see how many educators are unaware that their online behaviour, outside of school hours, can lead to discipline and even termination. This internet safety and digital literacy 101 presentation for educators will provide the needed information that will help to keep teachers and students safer, increase their privacy, decrease educator criminal, civil and internal liability challenges that comes with online use, and learn effective ways to protect their online digital footprint. Topics discussed in this presentation, fall within many school curriculum compliant such as  “BC’s Digital Literacy Framework” for schools

Topics Covered

  • What is the Internet and Social Networking
  • Internet stats and fact
  • Emerging Online student trends
  • What are students doing online
  • Online Media Literacy, Ethics and Critical Thinking
  • Educator online risk management
  • How to ensure you are Freedom Of Information And Privacy Act compliant before storing or sharing class projects online
  • The threat of Internet pornography
  • How technology use has changed teen socializing, dating, schoolwork and sleep patterns (“Vamping”)
  • Why are students making undesirable decisions online
  • Plagarism, DIgital Cheating and Copyright Challenges In The Classroom
  • The reality of students “Cyberbaiting” teachers
  • Internet Chat abbreviations and acronyms all teachers should be aware of
  • “Mobile” the new frontier for students when it comes to Social Networking
  • The increasing popularity of Geo-Social Apps like, “Whisper”, “Parlor” and “Jott”
  • How teens are using broadcasting Apps such as “Periscope” and “Facebook Live”
  • How students are using Bluetooth to create school chat networks
  • Real-life case examples of Internet/Social Media/technology misuse by educators
  • Should teachers be “friending” students
  • The Good and Bad Of Mobile Apps
  • What is your “digital dossier” and how students and teachers are placing their reputation and privacy at risk when online
  • Why future employers, colleges and universities are checking a student’s/teachers digital dossier or online branding
  • How educators can use Social Networks to their advantage
  • Why schools need to have clear policy on Social Media and tech device use on school property, & communicate same to staff, students & parents

The White Hatter Studio

The White Hatter Broadcasting Studio is more than just a laptop webcam meeting. We use a professionally outfitted multi-media broadcasting studio with multiple (6) camera angles. Using best in industry webinar-based professional broadcasting software and hardware. We provide a safe, secure, and private online webinar experience, using industry-leading software, to provide a high-definition video and audio online learning environment that is second to none. We also have the ability to seamlessly integrate with other virtual programs such as ZOOM, TEAMS, BLUEJEANS, SKYPE or any other web-based platform if requested.

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Beyond our program presentations, our organizations expanding resource list designed for youth, school, Parents, businesses and working professionals.

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Our program is not just about internet safety, it’s also about digital citizenship and literacy, online ethics, online critical thinking, and the challenges surrounding privacy, cyberbullying, and what we can do now to protect their digital footprint. The goal of our programs is not to instill fear or negate opportunities, rather to enlighten, empower, and enable participants to make informed online choices.



Our work in the area of internet safety and digital literacy has been recognized by various awards.

Canadian Order Of Merit

BC Medal of Good Citizenship

BC Social Innovations Youth Award


Tried and Tested

While others in our industry seek out police endorsements or advertise that they have or do work with law enforcement, we are comprised of current or past law enforcement professionals, and bring this experience and pedigree to all of our programs.


One Step Ahead

We stay current on everything we do, and we have documented evidence that our presentation positively changes internet behaviour. We are also very proud of the fact that our programs have intervened in the lives of many, especially in our grade school programs where students who were contemplating suicide or self-harm as an option because they were in crisis or being targeted by cyberbullying or sexting went wrong issues. These students heard our empathetic message, reached out to us for help, and in each and every case (often working with their school) we were able to get them the help that they needed.

Academic Rigour


Our programs are designed not only from extensive experience but also academic support. Members of The White Hatter Team come from a variety of backgrounds in formal post-secondary education and bring a breadth of knowledge with how technology impacts the world from each individual and society.

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The White Hatter is the brand icon of Personal Protection Systems Inc. a company established in 1993. Our mission is to provide students, teachers, parents, adults, businesses, and law enforcement with the knowledge and tools necessary in today’s world


We don’t just teach online safety and digital literacy, we live it.


Our presentation and education services are backed equally by our team’s real-world experiences.


We never have and never will shame, out, or embarrass those we help


We actively remain engaged in the communities we are invited into.

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