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Beth Laur, M.G.C.

Beth Laur

As one of the founders of Personal Protection Systems, Beth oversees and runs the company as our Chief Executive Officer. Given her background as a legal assistant, mother and business owner, Beth is the glue that holds the company together and brings a business acumen to the White Hatter Team that is second to none. Beth jokingly says, “She’s the brains behind the company, Darren, Brandon and the rest of the White Hatter Team are the presentation brawn.” Too often Beth is under-recognized publicly for her contributions to the White Hatter Team, given that she would rather work behind the scenes in the office or in a supporting role at a presentation. Ask anyone at the White Hatter Team and they will all tell you that Beth is the reason why as a company, we have become so successful.


British Columbia Medal of Good Citizenship

The recognition comes, in part, from the life-changing and sometimes lifesaving social media safety presentations or workshops hundreds of thousands of students have attended across North America, but especially here in BC. More importantly, this award recognizes the community support we provide outside of our business hours and presentations many of you have seen. We help students, teachers, parents, and other adults in need, both online and offline, who find themselves in uncertain or dangerous circumstances – whether it be a phone call at 3:00 am or a subtle invitation for an intervention in a message on Instagram. Using our combined team expertise, we will always do our best in providing guidance and support well beyond any single presentation you may experience with us.

As an organization, our passion and pride are in the community work we do. Certainly, this accomplishment could not have been achieved alone. The countless students and others who have contacted us online or via phone seeking help for themselves or help for a friend in a dangerous circumstance are all past recipients of this award. Our community, The White Hatter Nation, is an enormous component of the backbone in what it is we do and it’s often a resource we can call upon in a time of need.

BC Community Achievement Award


For presenting Internet and Social Media Safety programs to tens of thousands of junior and senior students, teachers, parents and the wider community. Their commitment to providing critical information regarding cyberbullying and internet safety has had a positive and significant impact.

Derek K Miller Award


Most inspiring social media user for our unique working the area of Internet and Social Media Safety both here in Canada and the USA

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