Video On Demand

Video on demand from The White Hatter provides recorded, edited, and produced videos anytime and anywhere. These are created in our very own studio by team members.

VOD programs are NOT recordings of our live presentations or video meetings. They are independently created covering similar topics but presented differently in a TV or movie-style format ​

The White Hatter VOD programs are handled by Vimeo, a well-established video hosting, sharing platform since 2004. ​

10x Cost Effective

Versus live broadcasting or in-person programs


Full 24 hours of replayability


Video access anytime online


Fully recorded and edited video production

How VOD Works?

Think of VOD as traditionally renting a movie online. Hosted by Vimeo, select the program you want to experience, follow the prompts and watch your video within 24 hours at the time of purchase. The VOD is specific to the email used to purchase the download and is best suited for a household or single classroom viewing.  Receipts are available, plus no need to connect with our office. It is just like renting a movie… Simple.

Looking for Group VOD Access?

Group Video On Demand programs are great for an entire school with multiple classrooms to stream anytime or anywhere. If you are looking to arrange VODs to share to a group such a school parent PAC/PTA or multiple classrooms, contact us to arrange a Premiere VOD that allows anyone in your school or community to stream your desired VOD program to meet your scheduling needs with 24 to 72 hours of access. Please contact our office to book and coordinate a Premiere VOD for your school or community group.


How long does the rental last?

You have 24 hours from the time of purchase to watch the program. 

Is VOD replayable?

Yes, you can watch the program as many times as you can within the 24 hours rental period.

Can you watch the VOD at the same time across devices?

No. You are only able to stream the program to 1 device at any given time. If you are a school, for example, looking to stream the VOD at the same time to each classroom, we recommend our Premiere Access programs. These are Video on Demand programs that are provided at a group rate and accessible to anyone in your community within 24 hours and all at the same time.

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety for Students Ages 9-11 (Grade 4-5) VOD Poster

Video on Demand

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety for Students Ages 9-11 (Grade 4-5)
Schools / Youth
This session is designed to help youth online understand the basics when it comes to privacy and security in the connected world. No amount of filtering or monitoring tools are as effective as critical thinking skills, and the understanding of behaviours and their potential consequences.

Video on Demand

Cyberbullying & Online Personal Protection Ages 12-13 (grade 6-7)
Schools / Youth
Critical information to protect students from challenges they may come across online: hackers, scammers, predators, and cyberbullies etc. Not every bad thing is a criminal police matter. Aggressors from other countries may not face consequences. A successful hack or scam may not have easy recovery. Students will learn what the most common challenge are and how they can empower themselves to avoid and overcome difficult or dangerous situations online.
Digital Literacy, Privacy, and Opportunities Ages 12-13 (Grade 6-7) VOD Poster

Video on Demand

Digital Literacy, Privacy, and Opportunities Ages 12-13 (Grade 6-7)
Schools / Youth
Emotional, professional, legal, and reputation challenges students may encounter online at this age and beyond into adulthood. To make choices to protect and create better experiences. How can this effect opportunities, and future personal or professional relationships? We aim to empower youth and allow them to critically think about the impact of their digital choices and their effects on those around them resulting in positive or negative outcomes.
Digital Literacy and Internet Safety for Middle School Ages 13-14 (Grades 6-8) VOD Poster

Video on Demand

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety for Middle School Teens Ages 13+ (Grades 6-8)
Schools / Youth
Middle school plays a pivotal role in shaping students' academic and personal development, equipping them with essential skills for future success. During this phase, it is common for students to have already established an online presence. However, navigating the digital landscape, where limitless possibilities exist, requires an understanding of the nuances for safe and fruitful online experiences.
Cyberbullying, Nudes, & Protections for Middle School Youth (Grade 6-8) VOD

Video on Demand

Cyberbullying, Nudes, & Protections for Middle School Youth (Grade 6-8)
Focuses exclusively on two subjects, sharing nudes and bullying. Both subjects are independent but oftentimes coincide. Online aggression, violence, and threats are not something that should be ignored given their prevalence online. Victimization can occur from schoolmates, friends, family, and random anonymous interactions.
Digital Literacy and Internet Safety for High School Ages 14+ Grades 8-12 Poster

Video on Demand

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety for Teens Ages 14+ (Grades 8-12)
Schools / Youth
This presentation is designed to provide students with proactive reflective online critical thinking and decision-making strategies, that youth can immediately put to good use. This virtual live training offers the knowledge, information, and empowerment, based on academically peer-reviewed research, case studies, and our online investigative experience that teens and young adults need to know.
Cyberbullying, Sexting, Sextortion, Nudes, and The Law High School Poster

Video on Demand

Cyberbullying, Sexting, Sextortion, Nudes, AI Intimate Images, and The Law Ages 14+ (Grade 8-12)
Schools / Youth
This session focusses exclusively on two subjects - sexting and bullying. Both topics are independent of one another but often inter-connected. The social and legal circumstances of these behaviours can often be misunderstood, we aim to clarify the facts and risks.
How Teens Can Leverage the Internet & Social Media to Create Opportunities Ages 15+ (Grade 10-12) 2024 Project Poster

Video on Demand

How Teens Can Leverage the Internet & Social Media to Create Opportunities Ages 15+ (Grade 10-12)
Schools / Youth
This program will provide students with proven techniques to optimize and leverage their social media presence when it comes to university, college, sport, and career opportunities.
Online Parenting

Video on Demand

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety for Parents and Caregivers
Schools / Parents & Caregivers
Helping parents to proactively understand the enabling power of technology and mobile communications, but also how to mitigate the sometimes unintended consequences of high risk or undesirable online behaviour.

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